My Journey to Blossomosity and Business Growth

marlee_web_freeland_2014-2In a Nutshell: 

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Marylee Pangman and I would call myself an entrepreneurial optimist.

Why an optimist? I believe there is always a way to create the success we want to achieve.

Why an entrepreneurial optimist? I remember my desire to have my own business began when I was five years old. Back then I was inspired by our local small-town hardware store. What better place existed to find any item that might further one’s creativity!

With 25+ years in nonprofit management along with 20 years in running my own 6-figure business, I offer business coaching services, helping business owners think beyond today. If you really want to read more, visit my Professional Biography or Personal Biography pages.

Who I Help

I work with successful health professionals who started their business from a desire to help others. They are incredibly knowledgeable in their field and have helped their clients and patients beat their life challenges and reach their goals. They are incredibly passionate about their work.

Many of the practitioners I work with, frankly just do not have the experience of running a business. No matter what stage of business you are in, I can help you position your business for success.

Success Stories:

A CEO of a local practice who was working 60-80 hours a week is now working 40 hours or less ~ with no added staff.

A Therapist in private practice who has exceeded income (and profit) goals within six months.

A CEO in the food industry who has gone from two locations to SIX!

What I Offer

I am a published author, blogger and business advisor and coach. I work with clients remotely and am available through Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Zoom.

Trying to keep things simple, I have two programs which are flat fee coaching services where you pay a single rate for unlimited monthly coaching.

Connect Now is my favorite as fits in the hectic life of a business owner. You receive 15 minute Speed Coaching calls to help you stay on track and have a resource to bounce more ideas around. This costs only $147 a month.

The second program is Extreme Blossomosity, a full spectrum coaching program. Typical of traditional coaching models, we schedule two sessions a month but the twist is that you can have as much direct contact with me as you need, without spending more money! The cost of this program is a $497 a month.

The Path to Blossomosity

My work as I call it, continues down two paths. First came The Contained Gardener. A business I built from the seed of an idea to one that was positioned to sell 15 years later. Over the years my revenue approached $500,000 annually. I served a niche in desert gardening communities of design, installation and maintenance of desert potted gardens. The hands-on knowledge I gained from this experience lives on in my educational programs and books in the Potted Desert.

When I sold the company and concentrated on building my coaching practice, I wanted a way to unite my two worlds – i.e. gardening and business. I commiserated with my business mastermind group and they collaborated with me to find the entity I was looking for. Blossomosity was born! If you are stumbling over how to pronounce it, try this:

Blossom—‘osity‘ as in monstrosity. I consider Blossomosity to mean to grow or blossom into awesomeness! Most people smile when they hear the word. 🙂

Two blogs for my followers to learn from and to challenge me with their difficulties and ideas.

Business Beyond Today encourages you to reach beyond business as normal The Educatorand explore ways to run your business as you move towards less dependence on you as the business owner.

This could mean that you have others working for you that complete a large percentage of the work. Or you as a solo owner are looking to reduce the hours you spend working in and on your business.

My blog tells a story about how you can take the business you are passionate about and move forward with it into retirement – however you define what you want for you as a business owner.

Business Beyond Today delivers weekly content that helps Health Professionals seeking growth take focused, small steps to drive business forward. I plan to have a new book or two coming out this next year to help you Build Your Business Like You Mean It!


For the desert gardeners out there, The Potted Desert View helps desert dwellers get it right the first time when creating container gardens. Many of the tips also help those living in any hot and dry climate. Consider adding a book to your gardening library. Getting Potted in the Desert is a month by month guide to container gardening in these hot climates. You can get your copy on Amazon – Print or Kindle.

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