Monthly Archives March 2015

Your Perfect Week in Business

Do you ever contemplate what a perfect day or week spent in your business would look like? What might you accomplish? I have always been notorious in trying to schedule my perfect week. I loved it when I switched over to Google calendar so I could have overlays of any calendar I wanted. I created one I called my “Perfect Template” calendar and planned it out accordingly! Such fun. Did it work? No way. But at least I had a sense of where I wanted to head. Now that I am two years into the world of no employees, I
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I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Today’s Assignment was to write about something we wish someone had told us that would have made a difference in our life. My immediate response to this is about journaling. I still don’t have the habit. As I look back on my life, I wish I had journaled regularly. I do great when I am on vacation but day to day? Nope, nada, nothing. I wish in our first days of learning to write, that my teachers had inflicted journaling upon us. I say that literally – inflicted. How many of you journal and how long have you done so? To what end?
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