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The Next Big Thing in Social Media? (a 1 minute read)

Have you seen Periscope? Sometimes I think I should not be subscribed to ANY newsletters, blogs, etc but then I realize I will potentially miss out on a lot. Such is the case in Periscope – a combination of YouTube and Twitter. It has the video capabilities of YouTube and the immediate feedback and social sharing of Twitter. As stated by the Social Media Examiner, “Periscope is already proving to be an incredibly powerful social tool, and cutting edge marketers are using it in innovative ways to grow businesses.” I watched my first video this morning and what Periscope seems capable
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Your Perfect Week in Business

Do you ever contemplate what a perfect day or week spent in your business would look like? What might you accomplish? I have always been notorious in trying to schedule my perfect week. I loved it when I switched over to Google calendar so I could have overlays of any calendar I wanted. I created one I called my “Perfect Template” calendar and planned it out accordingly! Such fun. Did it work? No way. But at least I had a sense of where I wanted to head. Now that I am two years into the world of no employees, I
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