Do you select a specific line at the grocery check-out?


Why do you pull up to that gas pump?   We use positioning every day without even thinking about it. Each time we make decisions, even subconsciously –we are trying to achieve a specific result. What if you utilized mindful positioning in your professional life to help achieve success?

The Next Step – Become aware of how you position yourself in your business. What did you discover?


The Full Story if you have time…

I realized the importance of “positioning” when I thought about how I gained some very important clients in my former business, The Contained Gardener. Position as defined by one of the online dictionary is an advantageous place or location. So then positioning would be to take an advantageous place or location. It happens all the time – without most of us even realizing it.  My goal in this blog and future editions is to be more “mindful” of how positions in our lives influence the direction of relationships and goals both personal and professional.

For example, recently as I was getting ready for a badminton match I recognized that positioning could improve my time onPositioning-for-the-best-game-150x150 the courts. After warming up for a while and observing the players taking their places on various other courts, I realized that if I stayed where I was, when practice was over I would not have a very challenging game. So carefully judging the correct time to make a move without offending any of my practice partners, I moved over to another court to ‘help those who just arrived to warm up.’  As a result of my move, I ended up with two excellent, challenging games and was very pleased with my decision.

The same sort of positioning in the fifth year of my business, The Contained Gardener, made all the difference in our future success.   An introduction to Restaurateur Sam Fox, then the owner of five Tucson restaurants, (he has since opened over 35 restaurants throughout the US) lead to my creating and installing unique potted gardens for one of his concepts in Tucson’s high end shopping center, La Encantada.  His giving me the opportunity to showcase my work in a prominent location, positioned me ideally and before long we were hired to provide installations for other stores in the center as well as by home owners who frequented the center.

While many experts talk about “branding” and some think that positioning is the same…I have an idea that positioning is a much broader area of importance for discussion in business and personal growth.  Over the next few months as I go about my daily life, I will be mindful of the many times we position ourselves in all sorts of situations and will focus positive positioning thoughts to share with you in future blogs.

I hope you will do the same…I would love to hear from you. ~ Marylee

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