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Marylee Pangman, MPS, CRC


Marylee Pangman, is an experienced professional with a passion to guide entrepreneurs to achieve an effective process for their business where they can accomplish tangible and immediate results – today. Her extensive background as a non-profit consultant and successful business owner provides her with the expertise and knowledge to help other business owners overcome obstacles and move away from the daily grind of entrepreneurship.

Many Arizonans know Marylee from her former business, The Contained Gardener. After building this business over 15 years, the company was successfully sold in 2012. During those years, Marylee was honored with many business awards including:

  • Customer Service Award of the Year (ASBA)
  • Small Business Development and Growth (Copper Cactus)
  • Search for Success (Cox Media and NAWBO)
  • Athena Award (ASBA)
  • GLBT Chamber Commerce President’s Award

In 2015, Marylee published her first book, Getting Potted in the Desert, a month by month guide to successful container gardening in hot and dry climates. She also has a free e-newsletter, The Potted View.

Prior to starting her own business in 1998, Marylee was an executive in YWCA’s in New York state for 25 years, Her first position when she moved to Tucson was the Executive Director for the People with AIDS Coalition of Tucson. Following the merger with the other HIV/Aids organization into SAAF, Marylee began consulting with organizations including the Arizona Women’s Cancer Network. Marylee’s skills in relationship building have proven to be great assets in helping to facilitate meaningful collaborations between businesses, organizations and people to help them achieve their mutual goals.

Because of Marylee’s strong leadership and entrepreneurial talents, she was encouraged by her colleagues to assist other business owners in growing their business. Pangman Enterprises Business Consulting soon evolved into “Blossomosity” – a full service concept dedicated to helping others focus, cultivate and achieve their business objectives. Her clients include small local businesses such as designers, artists and restaurateurs, small professional offices with practices in law, accounting, financial planning and medical as well as other small businesses with recurring clients sales. These business owners have taken their strengths and turned them into a business which is steadily growing and ready to excel.

Marylee is currently accepting to new clients who have small businesses specifically within garden and landscaping industries. She has a large following on her blog, The Potted View and uses this business as a case study along with her successful growth of The Contained Gardener to help other garden writers and garden service providers grow their business beyond today.

Marylee recently realized another dream when she and her partner moved to Kauai to persue the Aloha spirit in semi-retirement. There she works with her clients remotely and is writing her next books. Blossomosity will shine through her next books on gardening as well as a new series on growing your business.

When Marylee is not thinking about business, you will find her on the badminton courts, in the pool or now, more often writing on the beach!

More Info: Professional Biography | Personal Biography