The Next Big Thing in Social Media? (a 1 minute read)

Periscopes popping up like squirrels as in the "next shiny object"

Periscopes popping up like squirrels as in the “next shiny object”

Have you seen Periscope? Sometimes I think I should not be subscribed to ANY newsletters, blogs, etc but then I realize I will potentially miss out on a lot. Such is the case in Periscope – a combination of YouTube and Twitter. It has the video capabilities of YouTube and the immediate feedback and social sharing of Twitter.

As stated by the Social Media Examiner, “Periscope is already proving to be an incredibly powerful social tool, and cutting edge marketers are using it in innovative ways to grow businesses.”
I watched my first video this morning and what Periscope seems capable of is very exciting. Experts around me keep saying video is the way to go. I don’t see a huge learning curve here and it is worth checking into sooner rather than later.
Shiny Objects Don't Have to be Followed

Don’t let every shiny object take your immediate attention

But as another squirrel goes by (get it? – squirrel as in the next shiny object to divert your attention to what you should be doing?), I have also seen mention of Blab – another video streaming app but only available on IOS. You can check out a comparison of the two on Social Media Week.
Now I am not saying you have to get involved. I am saying you need to know and sometime check it out. That is what I am going to do – asap!!
I know there are experts out in my network and savvy business owners who are probably already on board – What are your thoughts?
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