Business Organization – Looking for that Shiny Object?

Organize Your Thoughts or Look for the Shiny Object

Don’t get taken away from your tasks by Shiny Objects!

In organizing your business, I imagine you know the one basket rule – correct? Have one place where you gather everything, your tasks, your belongs, your ideas. When it is time to put things away, you only have one place to look. In our digital age, we might have to think of terms of two baskets – one live and one virtual. Sounds so simple doesn’t it?

This morning, my very first task was to look through my ‘morning writings’ with the goal of finding and organizing blog ideas in order to write ONE.

As I started this, I quickly got frustrated with all the places I have saved my writings and the purpose of each composition. For example, business planning vs. blog ideas vs. marketing phrases.

This frustration hastily led me to attempt to discover where to put all of these items that will also work across all my devices. Knowing I was following that next Shiny Object, I wanted to limit the amount of time I continued to spend on this search. Since I already have and marginally use Evernote, I did a quick review of the app’s benefits. It does appear to be the answer and I do have tons of stuff in it but now it all needs to be organized better and I need to learn how to better use Evernote.

As business owners, we often think that a single task is just that. One item to check off our to-do list. They quickly can become much more complex projects which include multiple tasks that cannot be accomplished in one moment of time.

Do you have one place to keep all of your ideas and brainstorms, your marketing words and anything else you might write on the fly for use some other day? Please let me know and consider too, what happens to these items next?

ps. At least I got my blog post written from my frustrations! Have a great weekend!

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