Your Perfect Week in Business

CalendarDo you ever contemplate what a perfect day or week spent in your business would look like? What might you accomplish? I have always been notorious in trying to schedule my perfect week. I loved it when I switched over to Google calendar so I could have overlays of any calendar I wanted. I created one I called my “Perfect Template” calendar and planned it out accordingly! Such fun. Did it work? No way. But at least I had a sense of where I wanted to head.

Now that I am two years into the world of no employees, I do enjoy more flexibility as there are far fewer fires to put out. Back when I first started working in management, I never thought I would say I did not want staff. I loved helping them to become super employees and find their place in the world. During the last few years of business, I found my patience running more thin than I wanted to admit. Now, not having them to be concerned about has freed up my mind and my energy. Therefore I am coming closer to achieving my perfect week.

My ideal week in business is an optimal blend of activities. First, my task list is focused and manageable. I know what each day will bring and what needs to be accomplished.

I achieve the greatest satisfaction when I am able to plan two to three in-office days each week to work on the business, complete client projects and hold online or phone meetings. This is an efficient use of time and consolidating in-office days versus out-of-office days saves on travel time, expenses and personal wear and tear.

In my perfect week, I only go out of the office twice for events and meetings. These days are be purposeful and invigorating. They will be client meetings, networking and a Mastermind meeting. I am connecting with positive, influential people who care about business and about each other.

These out days will also include my volunteer work. This too is very meaningful time spent making a difference. My time is split between the business world and the desert garden world. I am helping people to be successful in their goals, be it their business or their garden. I teach, mentor, assist and plan with organizations’ leadership and participants.

500 words  Each day begins with writing. I have dedicated thus far 60 minutes to write and look forward to it every day. My first 15 minutes is spent in free writing. Somewhat of a journal, I can do what I want or feel at that given moment. I do enjoy having a mission during this time and will reflect on the day before as it pertains to business; what I have learned, gleaned or can use as examples with my clients, ideas to share and connections to make.

My second 15 minutes is spent following Jeff Goin’s program in writing 500 words a day. Thus far I have followed his prescribed journey but as we complete our 31 days, I will use the lessons to develop more blog entries for my business site and use my third 15 minutes writing similarly focused entries about my new fictional character Szolo, an Other World Entrepreneur.

My fourth 15 minutes is dedicated to potted garden writing that will help further my columns in that arena. My goal for my garden columns is to move into 5 desert cities. I am continually writing fresh content as well as re-purposing old content. I know I will still need to write on other days for these columns but 15 minutes a day easily adds to my volumes .

Spreading out the four periods of 15 minutes will move me to write each day with focused direction. I look forward to this. Having four different topics means I won’t get bored in that hour. As I write and enter my zone, I could often stay for much longer periods of time but that is not for now. I will someday be able to do this but in the reality of today’s life, there are other important tasks to tend to.

For me, this writing time sets my day up for success. I feel more focused, energized and ready. I have not even mentioned success in client activities, sales, relationships and all that makes business tick. But I am ready to go. Are you?Super hero

How do you position each day to become the optimal for you in your business?

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